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The Venus perfume maker invented a unique fragrance that revives the history of authentic Arab camels that participate in camel races, and the story says that Emaar Dark Brown was born in a desert storm that made her a faithful companion who knows no fear. The dream . every one has a dream working hard to achieve that he pursues, it is not easy, but it is not impossible.

top : Raspberry leaves. Lemon grass

Heart : Frankincense, Saffron. Desert incense

Base : Wild flowers. Oud sandal. Leather. Amber



د.إ 640 د.إ 320

Cigars are not just a roll of tobacco, it’s tale of an ancient civilization and a national legacy and Cubans who have exported it to world see it is not a roll of tobacco that cannot be compromised. Venus released the Havana fragrance to combine strength and passion to fulfill the ambitions of modern men and women and to give them energy.

top : Gardenia, Black currant blossoms

Heart : Dark chocolate. Amber

Base : Sandalwood. Kobe tobacco flower. White musk



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The love story of Shah Jahan and his wife, Princess Mumtaz, gave the perfumer an inspiration, so he excelled in creating a magical mixture expressing that romance and love, which he named “Sokon Perfume” after the historical gardens in the most beautiful novels * It is based on One Thousand and One Nights.

top : Papyrus. Pink flowe

Heart : Passion flower. musk

Base : Almond tree leaves . Almond oil . Brazilian rosewood



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WATAN(Homeland) is a heart of piece, the soul’s accentuation and comfort of body, Its love is innate in every one.
Venus produced its fragrance to combine all happy moments into one word, WATAN.

top : saffron. Vanilla

Heart : Amber. Brown sugar. Bergamot

Base : Musk . White orchids . Almond essence